Tell Us About Your Sleep Apnea Experiences

By | June 5, 2016

Do You Have Any Sleep Apnea Experiences to Share?

For many of you out there who have sleep apnea, you are now used to using a CPAP machine. Or maybe you’ve tried one and you can’t get used to it for whatever reason.

There are many people being diagnosed with sleep apnea every day and they are nervous or apprehensive about the thought of having to wear a CPAP mask to bed every night. Maybe they feel claustrophobic, whatever the reason, they are anxious.

This is where you come in. Send me an article on how you’ve dealt with your sleep apnea. What experiences have you had? Does one brand of mask work better for you than another one? Are you more comfortable sleeping on your side or your back? Maybe you’ve found something you use to prevent you from snoring without having to wear a CPAP mask.

I’m sure there are many people that have been recently diagnosed that would appreciate hearing from you to get an idea of what they can expect in their sleep apnea treatment. They may have many questions that can be answered from your article submissions to me. What better way to calm them down or reassure them than from the word of experienced individuals who have been through it!

I will be happy to post your experiences on my website, but I do have a few requirements and I appreciate your understanding.

Guidelines for Article Submission:

  1. Your article should contain 500 – 1200 words
  2. Please make sure you use proper sentence structure and grammar and make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your article
  3. Most importantly, your article should be helpful and informative to our readers

Please remember, we want your experiences, good or bad, to provide these people with information so that they can make informed decisions as they move forward with their sleep apnea treatment.

You can send your sleep apnea experiences to

I thank you for your consideration!


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4 thoughts on “Tell Us About Your Sleep Apnea Experiences

  1. Otniel

    Great article and initiative on apnea. There’s so many people out there suffering from this. I’m sure your research and willingness to have others share with us all their personal experience on your website, will allow many to help those ones suffering from apnea. Good work!

    1. Shawn Post author

      Thanks very much for your comments Otniel! You are correct in that there are so many people that suffer from sleep apnea and many of them don’t even know they have it. This is a subject that is very important to me as I know so many family and friends that have sleep apnea and that list keeps growing. If the information on my site helps just one person to get treated for sleep apnea, then all the work will have been worth it.
      Best regards,

    1. Shawn Post author

      That was my goal when I created this website. I have sleep apnea and I have quite a few friends and family members who have it as well. I hope people find the information useful and if it helps just one person get treatment for sleep apnea, then all the work will have been worth it. Thanks very much!


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