CPAP Pillows

This page lists a number of different CPAP pillows. This is a small sample list as there are many different types of pillows manufactured by many different companies. Click on each link to find out the details, specifications, pricing, warranty and reviews for this product.

Contour CPAP Muti Mask Sleep Pillow
Contour CPAP Multi Mask Sleep Pillow, Sleep Pillow, Each, 14101R1730 – This sleep apnea pillow promotes proper support and contact free CPAP use.




Hudson Medical CPAP Pillow
Hudson Medical SleePAP CPAP Pillow with Zippered Pillowcase,23″L x 19.5″W,Each,SS6339 – Hudson Medical SleePAP CPAP Pillow is designed for comfort and compliance, helps keep mask in place and prevents leaks and pressure points. It is the perfect comfortable sleeping solution for CPAP and Bi-PAP users. This pillow is designed for sleeping on the side, stomach or back.


Travel CPAP Pillow – This travel-sized pillow provides comfort for CPAP users or travelers on the go. Convenient size for packing.




CPAP Contour Memory Foam Standard Pillow – The Classic Brands CPAP contour memory foam pillow for sleep apnea responds to temperature and pressure to mold to your shape by creating the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders for a better nights sleep.



Core CPAP Standard Neck Support Pillow
Core CPAP Standard Neck Support Pillow,13.5″x 19.75″x 3.25″,Each,FIB-279 – Core CPAP Standard Neck Support Pillow provides proper neck support, comfort and compliance for patients with sleep apnea.



Core CPAP Mini Pillow
Core CPAP Mini Pillow,13″x 9 “x 4”,Each,FIB-278 – Its unique shape does not interfere with the placement of the CPAP mask. It provides more comfort in using the equipment and helps to prevent mask leaks and soreness. It is useful in relieving back, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.



Mabis DMI HealthSmart CPAP Pillow,27″x 17″, White,Each,556-1000-1900
 – Mabis DMI HealthSmart CPAP Pillow helps in avoiding mask interference, leaks and facial pressure problems. Cutout design accommodates CPAP masks, hoses and headgear while improving compliance. This pillow is beneficial for left or right side sleepers.



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