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CPAP machines are used by many people all around the world who suffer from various sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. This condition prevents normal breathing during the night, and causes sleep disruptions. If untreated, sleep apnea can lead to more serious conditions.

One of the most effective treatments for sleep apnea is known as continuous positive airway pressure, also known as CPAP. It is a special treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open by using a CPAP machine.

Most CPAP machines for sale on the market today come with three parts:

  • A mask that covers the nose, or the nose and the mouth. Adjustable chin straps keep the mask stable during the night.
  • A plastic tube that connects the mask with the CPAP machine.
  • A motor that provides air into the plastic tube to the mask.

Some CPAP machines come with additional features, such as heated humidifiers. In general, almost all CPAP machines are compact, lightweight and relatively quiet. Some people say that the noise created by the CPAP machine is rhythmic and soothing thus helping the person to fall asleep.

Philips Respironics – is a global leader in the sleep and respiratory markets. They are passionate about providing solutions that lead to healthier patients, practices, and businesses.

Here is a sample list of the Philips Respironics CPAP machines. Click on each  description to find out the details, specifications, pricing, warranty and reviews for this product.

DreamStation CPAP Auto With Humidifier
DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine,Auto CPAP, Model DSX500S11
DreamStation Portable CPAP Machine,CPAP With Humidifier and Heated Tube, Model DSX200T11
DreamStation Pro CPAP Machine,CPAP PRO With humidifier, Model DSX400H11
Respironics System One REMstar
Respironics System One REMstar Plus CPAP Machine

DeVilBiss Healthcare – is a global leader in the production of respiratory & sleep therapy devices for treatment of sleep apnoea, COPD & other conditions.

Here is a sample list of DeVilBiss CPAP machines. Click on each description to find out the features, specifications, pricing, warranty and reviews for this product.

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust Auto CPAP Machine,Auto CPAP Machine, Model DV64D
DeVilbiss Auto Adjust CPAP Machine
Devilbiss IntelliPAP Auto Adjust CPAP System with SmartFlex Technology,Without Heated Humidifier, SmartLink Module and Data Card, Model DV54D
DeVilbiss Auto Adjust with Humidifier CPAP Machine
Devilbiss IntelliPAP Bilevel S CPAP System With SmartCode,With Heated Humidifier, SmartLink Module and Data Card, Model DV55D-HH-S
DeVilbiss IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust Auto CPAP Machine With Heated Humidifier,Machine With Heated Humidifier, Model DV64D-HH

Human Design Medical – HDM is reinterpreting what a medical device company should be: Smaller devices, faster results, improved usability, increased accuracy, quieter motors, easier to use, the creation of higher quality device data that lets users know how they are doing from anywhere and on any platform

Here is a list of Human Design Medical (HDM) CPAP machines. Click on each description to find out the details, specifications, pricing, warranty and reviews for this product.

HDM Z1 Auto Base Travel CPAP Machine,6.3″L x 3.5″W x 2″H, Model HD60-1007
HDM Z1 Auto Unplugged Travel CPAP Machine With Powershell And Battery,6.3″L x 3.5″W x 2″H, Model HD60-1017

HDM Z1 PowerShell For CPAP Machines With Battery,6″x 3″x 3″, Model HD60-7010
HDM Z1 Unplugged Travel CPAP Machine With PowerShell And Battery,6.3″L x 3.5″W x 2″H, Model HD60-1010

Resmed – is a global manufacturer of CPAP masks, machines and other products that diagnose, treat or help manage sleep-disordered breathing, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or other respiratory conditions.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare – are a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of products and systems for use in respiratory care, acute care, and the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Their products and systems are sold in over 120 countries worldwide.

Why would you add a humidifier to your CPAP machine?

Adding a humidifier to your CPAP machine can increase your comfort levels when following your CPAP therapy. The humidifier adds moisture into the air that is being blown into your airway. Many people have said that they experience significant drying out of their nostrils, mouths, and throats without the humidifier.

Getting a quality CPAP machine is one of the most important choices that you will make. You want to make sure that the machine you purchase will work efficiently and consistently every night. There are many manufacturers of CPAP machines nowadays, but it is very important that you choose a CPAP machine made by one of the top manufacturers. The two leading CPAP equipment manufacturers are Philips Respironics and Resmed. Both of these companies have been manufacturing CPAP equipment for over 25 years (Respironics started in 1976 and Resmed started in 1989) Both of them manufacture top quality CPAP machines and accessories. Other reputable CPAP machine manufacturers are: Devilbiss, Puritan Bennett, Fisher and Paykel, and Aeiomed.

There are many positive benefits and advantages to using CPAP machines and the CPAP treatment advice from your sleep specialist. These machines are designed to:

  • Keep the air way open during the night
  • Reduce your snoring symptoms
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Reduce the sleep apnea symptoms, such as daytime sleepiness
  • Prevent high blood pressure

If you know which type of mask you want or you would like to see what some masks look like, proceed to my CPAP masks page located here.

6 thoughts on “CPAP Machines

  1. Tyler

    Do you have any recommendations on what CPAP machine would be best? I really need one but I want a personal preference on one before I go through with one. The Amazon listings don’t go in to much detail besides products specifications.

    Hopefully you can get back to me, it’ll really help! Thanks!


    1. Shawn Post author

      Hi Tyler,

      I’m using a Phillips Respironics model. My dad just passed away this summer so my mom gave me his machine. It may not be the most recent model like the one on Amazon, but it has made a huge difference in how I feel the next day! My wife says that as soon as I started wearing it, I stopped snoring! I feel rested and energized. I hope that you will have similar results with whatever brand you choose. Good luck and thanks for the comment!



  2. Debbie

    This is great Shawn – I am so glad to see that they are improving the look, comfort and noise level of this machine. I am sending this site to my son!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and get back with me! Much appreciated!!

    1. Shawn

      Hi Debbie,
      The technology has come a long way for these machines. It’s amazing how quiet my new Respironics Dreamstation machine is! I’m happy to answer any of your questions. Let me know if you have any more.

  3. Carol Allen

    Hey Shawn

    Great information. I have personally used the same machine for over 6 years. I use it every night, faithfully. Even when I lay down to take a nap during the day. It was my husband, prior to marriage that would wake me up because I would stop breathing. (Finally someone was paying attention to ME!) He would wake me because I would stop breathing. He then insisted that I make an appointment with my doctor to discuss it. They sent me to a sleep study. And had me come back a second time. Because I still snore, even to this day, with the CPAP on. Regardless, had it not been for the CPAP, I probably wouldn’t be here now. Our God is an Awesome God, He works through people for people. I will definately be sharing this information. Have a great day! Best Regards, Carol Allen, Cleveland, Ohio

    1. Shawn Post author

      Hi Carol,
      Thanks very much for your comments! I have only been using my machine for 16 months now, but I use mine every night as well. In fact, if I lie down, I have a tough time falling asleep without my CPAP. Before I started my CPAP treatment, my wife would tell me that I snored like crazy. Eventually, I started to wake myself up so I knew it was time to get tested. As suspected, I had severe obstructive sleep apnea. Since I’ve started my CPAP treatment, I have stopped snoring, right from day 1. My wife is so happy and I’m happy that I finally get a good night’s sleep.
      I’m glad you find the information on my site useful and I appreciate you sharing this with others.
      Best regards,


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